Wine Cork Placeholder

I saw these online as placeholders for wedding guests at receptions. Since the bridal shower will not have reserved seating, I am making these to hold labels for appetizers. They match the wine tasting theme of the bridal shower, and give a cute rustic look. Lizzie, MP and I made all 10 in about 45 minutes, so they were really quick!

Wine Cork Placeholders

5 corks (per place holder)

hot glue gun

piece of raffeta

1. Hot glue 3 corks together, then 2 corks together. 

2. Using a piece of raffeta, tie the 5 corks together (a group of 3 then 2).

3. Tie remaining raffeta in a bow. 

We found that in order to insert a piece of paper (or label) between the group of 2 and 3 corks you had to pull them apart and wedge the paper in. These are cute and simple – my kind of craft!

We placed these in front of the wines at the shower from each of Melissa and Wil’s home states.




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