Chalkboard Wine Glasses

For the wine tasting part of the shower I wanted to make a unique wine glass that would also double as the party favor. Anyone who has been to a wine party knows how hard it is to keep track of your wine glass and remember your wine charm color or shape. To solve this problem, I found a wine glass that allows you to write your name on it! Using chalkboard paint, you create a writeable surface (with chalk) on the base of the wineglass.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

24 wine glasses
wax paper
painter’s tape
8 oz container of chalkboard paint (we bought the FolkArt Chalkboard Paint from
small craft paintbrush

  1. Protect your work area by laying down plywood or heavy cardboard.
  2. Setup a drying area close to where you will be painting/dipping your wine glasses. Rip 3 sheets approximately 2.5 feet long of wax paper and lay next to each other.
  3. Cut a 1 inch piece of painter’s tape and wrap around the stem of the glass (close to the base). 
  4. Pour  chalkboard paint into a shallow wide bowl.
  5. Dip wineglass in paint.
  6. Using paintbrush wipe away excess paint from the base of the glass. 
  7. Place wine glass on wax paper and allow to dry for one hour.
  8. Repeat step 5 and 6. Place on second sheet of wax paper and allow to dry for 30 minutes. 
  9. Using paintbrush smooth bottom of wine glass (paint will be a little prickly when removed from wax paper).
  10. Place glasses upside-down on the wax paper and allow to dry for 12 hours (minimum).
  11. Once glasses are completely dry, carefully remove painters tape.

This idea quickly set the theme of the shower – wine, chalk, and chalkboard (using black and white as our main color scheme).

All set for the Bridal Shower! These were a hit!

Congratulations Melissa and Wil!




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