Melissa’s Bridal Shower

The bride!
The frames were only $1 each at Michaels and I used black construction paper to make them temporary chalkboards.

When Melissa and I were joking around one night (probably over a bottle of wine) discussing her Bridal Shower, she came up with idea of a wine tasting theme. I thought, I can work with that – I love wine!

Over the next several months I brainstormed and searched Pinterest for DIY crafts and ideas for the Bridal Shower. I had planned most of my decorations by early May but was still not sure how to do the wine tasting table and serve lunch. All my ideas came together once I found Chalkboard cloth on Amazon (approximately $10 a yard). We bought 2 yards and used it as a tablecloth for the wine tasting table – writing labels for appetizers and drawing arrows to pair wines with food.

Chalkboard Tablecloth

Wine Tasting

For the wine tasting we bought wines from the bride and groom’s home state, the state they met/where they live, and champagne from Gloria Ferrer Winery, where they got engaged. For Maryland, Melissa’s home state, we bought Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay from Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. To represent Wil from North Carolina, his family brought wines from Biltmore Winery. To represent their new life together in Virginia and the place they met, Virginia Tech, I chose the Norton and BOW Haus Red from Barrel Oak Winery (Melissa’s favorite VA winery). 

Michele and I made labels to put in front of the wine bottles using the Cork Place Holders.

Wine tasting glasses – doubled as bridal shower party favor.

For the wine tasting I made cards that allowed each guest to rate 5 of the wines. On the back of the cards I included a description for each of the wines.

Wine Cork Balls and chalkboard picture frames made with black construction paper.

Centerpieces – wine bottles, white hydrangeas and wine corks (from Narmada Winery and Barrel Oak Winery).

Michele, another one of Melissa’s bridesmaids, came up with the shower games: Bridal Bingo, Bridal Word Scramble, the clothespins game (don’t say wedding!), and toilet paper wedding gowns.

Bridal Word Scramble using wedding related words. Naturally Melissa was the first one to finish. Clearly Words With Friends and Bananagrams are excellent training for this activity!

Bridal Bingo using wedding words instead of bingo numbers.  These took longer than I expected to make because you need to make so many different cards. Michele found bags of seashell pieces to use as unique bingo markers.

Finally a shower game prize that you really want to win! Trader Joe’s has decent bottles of wine at low prices. These went perfectly with the  theme of the shower. We used the free wine sleeves from Trader Joe’s as wrapping paper and just added a bow!



Melissa & Me!


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  1. Sita

    Love it, Heather!!! You girls did a great job!!! Yay to everyone who helped!!! I’m Pinning you because you’re awesome…XOX


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